`As-salāmu ʿalaykum dear reader,

Welcome to Qur`ān Imprints! Grab a cup of coffee (or tea, if you’re one of those people) and immerse yourself in the Q.I. collection of prose writings. I compose on language, the written and the revealed, on reflections from seerah and tafsīr. Sometimes, though, my writing fritters from these noble topics, and instead finds its way into something of a personal reflection.

FACTS ABOUT THE WRITER: Trained in journalism and secondary school teaching, I identify as a quasi-raconteur with far too many books and journals than can fit in my small apartment. I am also from the rare tribe of sentence collectors. My writing evolved from a hobby to a healing somewhere in my college years, the year I fought against depression and an anorexia/bulimia. I have written compulsively since then. But when therapy proved insufficient, I found comfort in Qur`ānic language-—the subtleties in syntax and diction that carry in them insights to human psychology; the divine commentary on tazkiyah; the suffering of the Prophets; their monumental comebacks; their refusal to sink.

Like these prophets, I believe each of us has a story, and these stories can be a solace to those that learn them. Whether or not we reveal the details to others is our choice. Using twenty-six letters, a camera, and a keyboard, I choose to share mine.

-—Rania Q.I.

Note: all content (words and photos) are my own, unless attributed otherwise. If you would like to re-post and share any of my content, please include the author name and website link along with your post. Thanks!