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Earth Medicines

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A little notepad-digging brought me to something I wrote over a year ago. A brief thought, and nothing more: “So let man simply consider his food • We poured [for him] water, pouring it in great abundance • Then We cleaved the earth, cleaving it asunder.” فالينظر الإنسان إلى طعامه • أنا صببنا الماء صبا • ثم شققنا الأرض شقا

It has long been an axiom of mine that earth-grown foods are the best medicines; they heal, cleanse and strengthen better than any pill or powder manufactured in science labs.

From tafsīr sūrat ʿAbasa, the scholars commented: [لما ذكر ابتداء خلق الإنسان ذكر ما يسر من رزقه] When Allāh ﷻ mentioned the early creation of man, He ﷻ proceeded to list all that He facilitated for him in provision: ḥabb, ʿinab, qaḍb, zaytūn, nakhl-—the seeds, grapes, olives and palm trees-—provision divinely crafted to keep our bodies upright. Consider these verses an invitation from Him to push the reset button on manufactured food and trade all dietary fads for a single rule: “Eat real foods. Not too much. And mostly plants.”

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