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They asked `Imām Abu Ḥanīfah, “How did you grasp sacred knowledge?” بما أدركت العلم؟

So he said, “With thanks and gratitude. بالحمد والشكر. كلما أزددت علماً وفهماً حمدت الله وشكرته فزادني -—every time I gained insight into the sacred, I praised Allāh and thanked Him, so He increased it in me.” Ruminators of Qur`ān dwell and dabble with a verse for hours, days, sometimes weeks on end, hoping to unlock some mysterious divine code. So when you find something in Qur`ān suddenly resonating with you-—perhaps a meaningful lesson-—cling onto it, and remember the One who taught you what you did not know.

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