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Rūḥ ul-Qudus

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When you find yourself tackling your daily ḥifdh portion with drudgery, imagine this scene from the unseen | It begins with Angel Jibreel (Jibrā`īl); Biblical and Qur`ān tradition coin him as روح القدس The Holy Spirit. There’s a mystical beauty to his name… The Arabic word for solace (راحة) shares its roots with the word for soul (روح). Since his inception, Jibrā`īl has carried and communicated revelation to all 124,000 prophets; that is his position. He is trained in a trade pursued by pharmacists, yogis, therapists, musicians, athletes, and celebrities of all kinds-—the trade of bringing solace to the soul. There is no pill, no exercise, no sound track for solace. Jibrā`īl alone delivers the speech for that experience, earning him the name “Rūḥ ul-Qudus.” Beautiful, isn’t it?

But here is my favorite: it is said that when the malā`ikah saw Jibrā`īl descending from Allāh’s throne with new revelation, they would all swarm around him in curiosity, ماذا قال ربك “Jibrā`īl, Jibrā`īl! What did your Lord say, oh Jibrā`īl?” And he would reply:

الحق، الحق، وهو العلى الكبير “The truth, the truth, and He is the most high, most great.” In turn, they would then echo his words, “The truth, the truth, and He is al-ʿAlī ul-Kabīr.” You see, purity attracts purity. These nimble, airy servitors don’t have the luxury of reciting as we do, so they cling to our ḥalaqāt where verses of Qur`ān pulse through the crowds. They listen to you. They supplicate for you. They pray for your well-being. Most importantly, they gifted you the source of solace when they delivered Qur`ān to `Ummat Muḥammad. May we forever be grateful.

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