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Simple Eating

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Because our Qur`ān says: كلوا واشربوا ولا تسرفوا “…eat and drink, but do not be excessive.”

You would be amazed at the reams of commentary written about these four words. They are an arcana for the life-stylist, the nutritionist, the mufassir, and they carry the sweep and scope of a dietary manual. Take a note from Shaykh ul-`Islām Ibn Taymiyyah [رحمه الله]:
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فالذين يقتصدون في المآكل نعيمهم بها أكثر من المسرفين فيها, فإنّ أولئك إذا أدمنوها, وألفوها لا يبقى لها عندهم كبير لذة مع لأنّهم قد لا يبصرون عنها, وتكثر أمراضهم بسببها
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Roughly translated, he said, “Those who eat economically and simply experience a greater blessing in their foods than those who eat excessively. For the over-eaters, food becomes an addiction, and they no longer enjoy it because they cease to recognize it as a blessing; illness and disease inflict them because of this.”

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