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Secrets in the Seemingly Jumbled

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“I was deluded,” she confessed, “to think that I could abandon my companion for months, and still expect him to reveal to me his secrets.”

“My dear, let me tell you something.

The night sky refused to reveal its stellar patterns to the sporadic star-gazers, those impatient souls whose presence flits and eyes fleet toward terrestrial objects, dismissive of the constellations above. The night sky waited. It strained its lights behind its cloak and waited for the faithful physicists who studied it with sleepy eyes, weary eyes, bound to their telescopes, mesmerized, time and time again, and to them, it revealed its secrets: a constellation here, a nebula there… It showed them order amidst the seemingly jumbled. Such is the Qur`ān. Do you really think that, after long months of collecting dust on your shelf, it should whisper to you its secrets?

My dear, you were deluded.”


On surat al-Wāqiʿah: Then I swear by the placement of the stars / and certainly it is a tremendous oath, if you but only knew / that, indeed, this is a noble Qur`ān
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فلا أقسم بمواقع النجوم
وإنه لقسم لو تعلمون عظيم
وإنه لقرآن كريم

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