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So let reading be your time machine, your passport. Slip beneath two covers, and suddenly you’ve traded your familiar world for another. Let us visit 12th century Baghdād, where `Imām Qudhāmah writes:

“While traveling through al-Shām, we were hijacked by some Bedouins. They uncovered our sack of food and ate to their fill-—all except one: their leader. I asked him why he wasn’t eating, to which he replied, ‘I’m fasting.’

‘So you block the roads, steal, murder, all while fasting??’

‘We should always keep the path to repentance open.’

Years later, after some time had passed, I saw that same man performing ṭawāf around the Kaʿbah. He approached me and said, ‘Allāh guided me due to my fasting.’”

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